Which of my followers has the most followers?

1 min readMar 8, 2022


Followers are the amount of people that have liked your work enough to join a fan base, known as "followers".

If you make content on Medium you are bound to get a certain number of followers. I'm lucky to have 27 at the time of writing this, but many of my followers have a much larger number.

I've researched my fan base and put together a list of my...

Top 10 most followed followers!

10: Sahba Sanai (200 followers)

9: Cedric Boogaerts (253 followers) (First non-personal follower)

8: alfride crystani (315 followers)

7: Connor Groel (383 followers) (Top Level Sports)

6: Akhilesh Maurya (448 followers)

5: MAIMUNA ISAH (460 followers)

4: Alexander (599 followers)

3: R. Lola U. (770 followers)

2: Frankcoleman (923 followers)

1: Mario Braendle (1k followers)

Thanks to all my followers whether they have 1,000 followers or 0, they all mean a lot to me and encourage me to keep going.

If you're reading this and know you could make it to the top ten then follow me and you'll be featured in an updated one sometime in the distant future.

*Just a disclaimer that this is not an original idea*