What I will be doing in 24 hours time

1 min readMar 15, 2022


It doesn’t seem that long since the Dee’s famous Grand Final performance. That intense game where it looked close for the first half and then looked like a staircase to their 13th premiership flag on the worm graph.

The Dog’s had a fantastic season and matched Melbourne all the way through until the last couple of rounds and ended up finishing outside the 4, replicating what they did in 2016 to reach the Grand Final.

The AFL decided to have the Grand Final rematch for the opening game, followed by a game that I think might be the closest one we’ve had in a while between Carlton and Richmond.

We’re in for a tough round one for us tipping, with no game being an obvious tip.

I know exactly what I, along with many others will be doing in 24 hours and that is watching the game on the TV, and to the lucky 75,000, watching the game the 'G.

I can’t wait!