Stereotypical Sports Tippers

2 min readApr 2, 2022


Most of us sport lovers add on that little bit of extra competition and pressure by competing in sport tipping. Here are some of those people…

The Office Star

Instead of doing work all week, they’re on their computer on ESPN footy tipping with the days copy of the Herald Sun copy sitting on their desk. This person takes competitiveness to the next level and has a google doc constantly open of each round and strategies who is gonna win. Everyone knows that no matter how crazy and dedicated this guy is, they will end up coming near the bottom.

The guy that forgets to enter their tips

This guy does not care about tipping and was pressured into joining by a friend. They enter their tips mere minutes before the first bounce and thats if they even do it. They get the default away team for half of the season even if the odds are stacked against them. These people always come first at the end of the season.

The kid

Normally under the age of 12, they just pick a team based on what the mascot is and never watch the game. These kids always finish near the top, but have no idea they had done so.

Overly Loyal Fan

This person always picks their team to win no matter the odds. Nothing could be worse then to not pick your team and then have them winning. These are the people that make up the 2% of the population that went North Melbourne over Brisbane at the Gabba.

Money bags

These people will tell you that tipping is for boys and that gambling are for the real men. Except they bet on every game and only 1 he gets right. He took a second mortgage out on the house just to he can put 5$ on the Saints to beat Melbourne. This person ends up coming near the bottom every year AND around $1,000 in debt.