Moving out

1 min readJul 19, 2022


I’ve loved every second of being on medium. The people I’ve met through following, commenting and reading have been life changing and a big inspiration to me and what I’m doing with writing.

I’ve made a website before but it was really rushed and I was just re-posting content from Medium onto there, but this time I’ve spent a long time making it and I know if I want to do this right then I have to focus on either my website or medium.

I started Medium because I thought it would be cool to try something new. I loved how people could follow my personal blog and the thing that would keep me going would be seeing my follower count go up. But someone in my comments told me that “Followers are really nothing!”. Sure, people follow your content if they like it but on medium it’s gotten to a stage where followers aren’t people anymore. Just another number in the stats.

I want to have a place where followers are more like people and where I can write my own rules.

So I hope you can join me on my next chapter in writing at

-Guru out