AFL tipping: What is it and how to get involved

The AFL has 18 teams in the current competition. Chances are, you only support one of these teams making yourself a "fan" of your chosen club. But each team only plays once every round leaving fans only watching a mere 2 and a half hours of football per week. For many that’s not enough. That’s where footy tipping comes in.

Each week you pick a winner for each and every game in the round, all of a sudden making you keep an eye of all 9 games, seeing if the team you picked will win. An entertaining way to spend your weekend. All of a sudden meetings were cancelled, moon landings were rescheduled and solar eclipses were pushed back to a Monday, because PEOPLE NEEDED TO WATCH THE FOOTBALL!

You can create and join multiple groups filled with friends and family to compete in, making the tipping more intense and competitive. Everyone was doing footy tipping and if you were crazy, creating a fantasy team (might make a post about this in the future).

I was in 2 tipping groups and spent most of my week weighing up all the teams, using my gut to decide who will win. I had a document on my computer with all the games for every round, and I'd highlight the teams I thought were going to win. Even if you don't know anything about AFL you can still give it a crack, because it doesn't matter if Richmond has 98% of people thinking they will win with the 2% of people only picking Gold Coast because of a lost bet or as a joke, Gold Coast are still going to SOMEHOW find a way to win. It takes the money away from sports gambling and that's why I think so many people like it.

There's many places to partake in footy tipping. My personal favourite is ESPN footy tipping, which even if AFL is not your jam, ESPN tipping does other things like NRL, BBL and more, all using the same free account. I was one of almost 500,000 people that used ESPN tipping last year and will be using the website again for the 2022 season.

I love footy tipping and suggest it to AFL fans and competitive individuals. I might create a tipping contest for Afl-guru if you want me to and will post a round review on my blog during the AFL season that will have a recap on the previous round and a look ahead to the upcoming round with my own predictions for the week.

Thanks for reading to the end!
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